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The demand for innovation and performance in today’s textile and apparel business requires systemic approach from chemicals, textiles, assembly of garments to directly consumers.  Isla Cubed Ltd consists of three business units.  Isla Cubed is a solution provider to ensure our customers in all sector meet the challenges in the market.  Business to consumer linear development should be reversed.  Using our knowledge to fulfill consumer needs bringing their vision into reality.

Isla Chemicals  provides solution with a complete range of chemistry from colorants to auxilaries to satisfy today’s requirement of performance, sustainability and innovation.  Bringing full product stewardship knowledge to provide state of the art products.  

Isla Textile Supply Chain Management plans and manages all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities for our partners in relation to textiles development.

Isla Apparel Services offers global sourcing management. From processing of technical fitting data to finished on the shelf goods.