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Direct dyes

Printing and Flocking

Reactive dyes



Metal complex dyes

Disperse dyes

Acid dyes

Jeans and Garment

Fibre auxiliaries

Vat dyes


Cationic dyes


The increasing demands on textiles as well as necessary improvements in process efficiency and the constant need of cost optimisation in the textile industry call for innovative systems of colours, textile auxiliaries and technologies. CHT textile auxiliaries and dyes combined with our technology know-how result in an efficient system for high quality end products.
Our competence field of textile finishing has a large range of innovative and highly efficient products for pretreatment, dyeing, finishing and coating. The combination with fibre auxiliaries as well as auxiliaries for printing and flocking, jeans and garments together with a wide range of dyes makes the CHT/BEZEMA Group to a holistic system partner. Our portfolio is supplemented by the extensive service we offer in all company fields.​



Dyes and pigments for priniing

The CHT Group has an extensive dyestuff assortment for all textile substrates, fastness requirements and procedures.
The dyes for certain application fields are selected according to technology, performance and economy. Due to the fact that technology, performance and economy have often​ contrary effects, the right product selection is therefore decisive.
To facilitate the right dyestuff choice for your purpose, we have split up the product assortment of the CHT range into Basics, Advanced and High Performance as well as special application products.

Isla Chemicals uses knowledge of chemistry to provide specialty chemicals that help our partners in their strive for excellence.  Our complete portfolio of products ranges allow for a wide array of functionality and brilliant coloring.  Ensuring the process of manufacturing brings positive return for both revenue and also environment.  We take responsible care as the utmost importance.