Isla Cubed and partners have a long-standing commitment to operate ethically and responsibly while creating value for our stakeholders and society.  Our commitment towards sustainability is of the utmost importance.  


✓ Product stewardship team responsible for input stream and performance.

✓Our specifications and processes are based on the experience accumulated over many years and the knowledge of our employees.

✓National and international standards are considered just as much as the requirement of our business partners.  


✓ Full range of chemicals to cover all material.

✓ Consultancy service and application trials on site.

✓ Development of customized applications and processes.

✓Optimization of recipes and processes.
E.g. based on simulation on a lab scale or in production trials


Product recommendations for optimal ecological and economical processes (time, water and energy saving as well as reduction of the CO2 emission)

Optimal price information and calculation

Supply chain knowledge to provide complete chemicals, textile and garment solutions in the most sustainable way.